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Byte-Size Review:

Terminator 3 disappoints fans of the franchise in that it is something and nothing,- a product of the time; it manages to create hope only to dash it with a sadly hollow attempt to recapture the awe of the first two movies. The fears inspired by T1 and T2 are substituted with cynical titillation in the form of the T-X (the female Terminator) and the rather neutered performance of Mr. Schwarzenegger.

T3 T-850

Humor has replaced danger and risk, causing the third movie of the franchise to fall awfully short of the mark.


Terminator 3 Poster

More than ten years after the last Terminator failed its objective to kill John Connor, the future leader of the Resistance exists in a state of limbo, living off the grid to reduce the threat of attack but SkyNet does not believe in failure, sending a new model back to end the fight for freedom before it has even begun.

The T-X, a machine even more advanced than the adaptable prototype the “T-1000”.

However, another protector has also been sent back, the T-850 (CSM-101). SkyNet is steadily assuming control of all civilian computer systems in the guise of a computer virus. John has met his future wife, whose father- a U.S Air Force General- is in charge of the military computer systems and wary of connecting with the SkyNet software. As the SkyNet virus infects the U.S military computers, leaving the country open to attack, the deadly machines begin their horrific assault.

Can the outdated CSM-101 defeat the highly advanced T-X or will mankind enter a new darkness following the nuclear attack?

Fan Division:

The movie saw the machines trying to take on John Connor once again. T3 is quite possibly the least popular movie of the franchise with it’s downfall being that the film was obviously aimed at a younger audience, mostly hated for it’s comedy and mostly liked because of it’s ending. Not a bad movie, just not an old school Terminator movie. It didn’t break any new ground and came under most fire for being a simple rehash of Terminator 2. We could go on all day about it but the fact is the movie has both positives and negatives.

T-850 Quote Talk to the hand


Warner Brothers Terminator 3Studio IMF Internationale Medien und Film and C-2 Pictures

Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures (United States)

Columbia Pictures (international)

Release date(s) July 2, 2003 (2003-07-02)

Running time 109 minutes

Language English

Budget US$170-200 million

Gross revenue $433,371,112

Directed by Jonathan Mostow

Produced by Mario Kassar, Hal Lieberman, Joel B. Michaels, Andrew G. Vajna, Colin Wilson, Gale Anne Hurd, Dieter Nobbe, Nigel Sinclair, Moritz Borman & Guy East.

Written by John Brancato and Michael Ferris (screenplay and story) & Tedi Sarafian (story), James Cameron (characters), Gale Anne Hurd (characters)

Music by Marco Beltrami & Brad Fiedel (themes)

Cinematography Don Burgess

Editing by Nicolas de Toth & Neil Travis

Schwarzenegger’s Salary: $30 Million Dollars i making him at the time the highest paid actor in Hollywood.

This is the first Terminator movie to have no involvement from series creator James Cameron.

T3: Rise of the Machines Trivia:

A number of actors were in the running to play the T-X, Including: Vin Diesel, Shaquille O’Neal, Famke Janssen, and former WWE wrestler “Chyna” Joanie Laurer. Laurer’s name was thrown into the mix by Arnold himself during an interview prior to filming.

Ang Lee was offered the directing role in this film but turned it down to do Hulk instead.

Aside from Arnold, the only other actor to appear in the first three movies is Earl Boen.

The exact date of Judgment Day is the 24th of July 2004, at 18:18 according to both the Terminator and the watch he examines at the beginning of the film.

Two of the air bases SkyNet is shown taking control of are “Moron Arfield” and “Batman Air base”. These are actual military locations, Moron (pronounced) More-own Air Base is located in Spain and Batman Air Base is in Turkey.

Ridley Scott and John McTiernan were considered for the director’s position after James Cameron turned down the job, saying that he had told the story completely after making Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

For a long time the studios wanted to make a sequel to the previous Terminator films but Arnold Schwarzenegger refused to do it unless James Cameron was directing. Cameron eventually told his old friend “do it and ask for a shit-load of money”, saying the character is as much Arnold’s as it was his.

Bankruptcy of Carloco and the legal wranglings delayed this movie by nearly a decade , otherwise we would have seen a T3 in 1996 written and directed by Cameron.

The very first Terminator unit ever appeared in T3: Rise of the Machines. When SkyNet went online so did these T-1 Units and if you get in their sights “YOU ARE TERMINATED”.

The T-1 also appeared in Terminator Salvation but with a more rustic war driven look.


Arnold Schwarzenegger: The Terminator, Nick Stahl: John Connor, Claire Danes: Kate Brewster, Kristanna Loken: T-X, David Andrews: Robert Brewster, Mark Famiglietti: Scott Peterson, Earl Boen: Dr. Peter Silberman, Moira Harris: Betsy, Chopper Bernet: Chief Engineer, Christopher Lawford: Brewster’s Aide, M.C Gainey: Roadhouse Bouncer.

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