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Robert Patrick Interested in Reading Terminator 5 Script

By: On February 9th, 2013

HuffPost Live did a great interview with the T-1000 (Robert Patrick).

Robert first of all discussed the success of the T-1000 with the host and then we had a question put forward to Robert regarding Terminator 5. asks:

Our users are anticipating the return of the liquid metal T-1000 in Terminator 5, have you been contacted by Annapurna Pictures or Skydance Productions regarding a possible return to the Terminator franchise?


and the very simple answer is, no.


Would you be open to it if they did contact you?


I would be interested to read and see what they would, if they wanted to bring the character back I would be interested to see. In all honesty I feel like I put my stamp on that franchise, I think I left it all up there on the film I don’t really know if I would like to revisit the character but having said that if the right people were involved in other words if Jim Cameron was involved, if Linda Hamilton, if Arnold Schwarzenegger, if they brought back some of the original players; Michael Biehn, I might be interested.

I personally feel I should leave that performance alone and let it stand, be a stand-alone performance. I don’t know, I’m 54 years old and I don’t know if physically I could do…


You can’t run like that anymore?


I’ve got a bad hip now, I’ve slowed down quite a bit so. I don’t know if it would be to my advantage to revisit it.

He did also mention his age could be a problem but we think he looks in great shape and is fully capable of reprising a role as either human or machine but of course deep down we would want him to be part of the T-1000 legacy/origin story.

HuffPost Live Robert Patrick
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4 responses to “Robert Patrick Interested in Reading Terminator 5 Script”

  1. TheTerminatorFans says:


  2. Rob Leeming says:

    I have an idea (or more an elaboration of an idea) on HOW you bring back Sarah Connor. It has been said that she could possibly faked her own death: well let me elaborate on how this could be achieved. A T-1000 could be sent back in the image of Sarah Connor, so the REAL Sarah Connor can go into hiding/do prep work for the future war, whilst the T-1000 Sarah Connor stays with John, and shows fake signs of dying, as it has the ability to change shape, and thus make John believe his mother will soon die. It’s an idea that can work.

    • TheTerminatorFans says:

      It was actually our Editor who started the whole “faked her death” idea. Obviously there are numerous ways writers can bring back all the original cast members of the series because Terminator is science-fiction and with time travel capabilities anything is possible. To our knowledge the only problem is there was only one T-1000 made it was a singular prototype created as a last ditch attempt during the final destruction of SkyNet. That isn’t to say a writer couldn’t make another T-1000 magically appear with his/her pen…

  3. Jeremiah L Roads says:

    Would like to see him back as Doggett in a new X-Files movie.

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