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5 responses to “News”

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  3. Andy43 says:

    Megan Ellison Twitter:
    Reading the first draft…no fate but what you make…

    • Andy43 says:

      I have faith in Megan Ellison but when i read the first draft?
      I go a little nervous! šŸ™
      I say it again and maybe a lot of people get upset but why they didn’t ask
      William Wisher Jr. to help ?
      He and James Cameron knows the material!
      How will they hire a first class ”A” Director with no script yet?
      Please let they are surprise us with something great!!!

      • TheTerminatorFans says:

        We wanted Bill Wisher to be involved too. His name is gold on this website. The co-writer of the first Terminator movies wanted in for the fifth Terminator and they didn’t let him. Madness.

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