Terminator 5 Costume Concept

Terminator 5 (2015)


Start Date:

January 2014

Release Date:

June 26, 2015


Megan Ellison
David Ellison

Executive Producers:

Dana Goldberg
Paul Schwake


Laeta Kalogridis
Patrick Lussier

Production Co:

Annapurna Pictures
Skydance Productions
Paramount Pictures


Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator (confirmed)



Confirms Movie
Confirms Role


T5 Manifesto
T5 is coming

T5 Manifesto:

Terminator 5Read our wants and needs for T5 and if the article sparks something in you RT or Tweet it to the owner @meganeellison to see if she will take any of the suggestions on board for the next Terminator movie!


Annapurna Pictures
Bill Wisher:

William Wisher Jnr. Terminator 5Bill Wisher (co-writer on the first two Terminator movies) made his pitch to come back and write Terminator 5 and 6 and end the saga taking into account the two previous sequels (T3 and Salvation) but he was never used but the idea excited more fans than the confirmed writers did.

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Kyle Reese:

There has been talk of Kyle Reese being a sequel. Justin Lin wanted to do an alternative dimension movie in which Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor would be back in the next Terminator movie. As a website we have also discussed how he could return in a smartly executed Cameo… with a science fiction series like Terminator the ability to possibly utilize time travel provides endless possibilities for future plot lines. It just depends on how they use them.

There was also talk of Justin Lin wanting Paul Walker to take over the role of Kyle Reese this was something met with fan hate. There is only one Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn).

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