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Terminator 3000

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Terminator 3000 T3K

T3K (Terminator 3000) is pitch for a CGI Terminator movie ala Avatar style. That will see Schwarzenegger voice a Terminator in a new story set in the Terminator universe. The project has not been green-lit and the rights owner (Megan Ellison) has not given her approval of the project as of yet. Hannover House are responsible for the project at the moment and are trying to pitch it. The marketing seems to be going well for a porject that is just merely a title and pitched as a CGI Avatar movie (btw the staff of this website hate Avatar) so lets hope we get an R Rated movie and this film can please the kids… afterall it would be shocking if this project was R Rated… but we doubt it… We’d like to be proven wrong?


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  • ToyCollectorsUnited

    Cameron needs to Direct!