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Congratulations Space Goat on Amazing Terminator Kickstarter Funding Success

By: On February 16th, 2017

The Terminator Board Game Kickstarter has reached its initial funding goal on its second day. The proof is in the pudding that The Terminator is a cult classic horror sci-fi not to be messed with! If only the studios hadn’t wasted all these years churning out PG-13 trash instead of giving fans what they actually wanted… a return to form. While we are fond of Terminator 2: Judgment Day it really does mainly rely on childhood fondness and sentiments, as adults it is still a great movie but boy does it lack the punch of the gritty horror-fueled trip into the insanity of the first movie!

The Terminator 1984 Board Game

Space Goat Productions are delivering the goods and we send them a big T-800 techno punch of congratulations! Terminator Fans who backed the kickstarter can now rejoice; as you are the proud new owners of a kick ass board game which is planned to ship in spring 2017 but wait… there are more stretch goals and goodies to unlock…

The Terminator Tech Noir Sarah Connor Photo The Terminator

This is undoubtedly the most successful Terminator Kickstarter project we have witnessed! We told you “You’d be backed!”.

Lesson of the day: Never underestimate the power of a goat… in space and of course one of the greatest horror icons conceived ‘THE TERMINATOR’.

Space Goat Productions Kickstarted The Terminator Board Game

Go direct to the Kickstarter to secure your copy of the game by clicking here.

The Terminator Board Game Player Token Busts

If you would like to stay on to check out what the Kickstarter has to offer before leaving the website click here.

If you have seen the game already but just want more in depth information about the game click here to check out our interview with lead game designer and developer Taylor Smith at Lynnvander Studios who partnered with Space Goat to bring fans this special game!

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