Exclusive: Terminator Genisys London Preview Schwarzenegger Q & A

Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator Gensiys London Preview

Arnold is doing the rounds worldwide and attending 20 minute previews of Terminator Genisys and doing some Q and A’s/interviews for fans and press.  London UK is no different and thanks to our correspondent Jonathan Tam we have the full Q and A in video format which you can watch below. Arnold says that… » » »

Scoop: Terminator Genisys Official Synopsis and Exclusive the ‘Guardian’ Report Confirmed

Alan Taylor David Ellison

First of all- we are happy now to reveal to our followers the official plot synopsis for the movie which reduces confusion as to what this movie is about. Another source close to the production of Terminator Genisys also confirmed/told TheTerminatorFans.com that Arnold’s Aged-Terminator character is listed in the script as the ‘Guardian’. We… » » »

Scoop: Arnold Talks Terminator, Matt Smith, Cameron, Predator, Conan, Running Man and more

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold appeared at ‘An Evening with Arnold Schwarzenegger’ in Leeds UK. Sadly we were unable to attend but we had 2 correspondents/reporters to keep an eye on things for us. This was a chance for ticket buyers to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger and to enjoy a three course meal in the stunning venue the Organizers… » » »

James Cameron May Totally Re-Invent Terminator Series With Legal Loophole


Now you may remember that not that long ago writer and producer Gale Anne Hurd expressed interest in rebooting the Terminator franchise depending on what direction David Ellison takes with his ‘Skydance Productions’. Now James Cameron has more or less said the same thing and we know the paths of Gale and Jim do… » » »

Terminator: Genisys First Official Movie Image and Promo Images

Schwarzenegger Terminator Genisys T-800

Entertainment Weekly will have new Terminator: Genisys content to tease you. Let’s take a look at the images… Spoiler/Confirmed Possible Predictions by TheTerminatorFans.com: This is technically the first proper still from Terminator: Genisys. In this scene Arnold Schwarzenegger has not aged. He will save Sarah Connor as a 9 year old after her parents… » » »

Entertainment Weekly; Terminator: Genisys Magazine Collector Covers

Terminator: Genisys

After seeing Entertainment Weekly’s Terminator: Genisys magazine covers teasing an upcoming set report on the movie; I was left in disbelief and actually raised my hand to my face and left it there for say a minute in a state of pure shock of what I was viewing. Terminator Salvation had better magazine covers… » » »

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