Exclusive: Terminator Genisys Test Screening

Terminator Genisys Sarah Connor

A source close to the production of Terminator Genisys has informed TheTerminatorFans.com that a test screening of Terminator Genisys was carried out in the second half of January 2015 in Arizona US bordering New Mexico at the Harkins Arrowhead theater. Some of the people who attended were VERY impressed with what they saw. This… » » »

Exclusive: More Terminator Genisys Changes and More Hunter Killer Details

Spider HK Terminator Genisys

Sources close to the production of Terminator Genisys have informed us that not only is the fight (T-800 Vs T-800) changing- but this will also be the same outcome for the FlyingHK/Spider Tank; which we exclusively reported/confirmed would be a kind of 2 in 1/transforming Terminator unit in the future war, in the year… » » »

Exclusive: Leaked Terminator Genisys Script Review and Arnold Genisys Sequel Cliffhanger

Terminator Genisys Script

This story is as spoiler free as possible! Yesterday we received a copy of what is claimed to be the Terminator Genisys (script). I read it all in one go. What can I tell you… do I think this script is real? Yes! But it could be an early draft. It feels legitimate as… » » »

Exclusive: Naked Arnold in Terminator Genisys to Lose His Sex

Terminator Genisys Naked Arnold

In the original Terminator movie Arnold Schwarzenegger’s manhood used to be air-brushed out… when the movie was released on an ultimate edition, years ago- they went back to original stock film to remaster the movie and they did not air brush the Governator’s penis which can be clearly seen thwacking around as he walked… » » »

Exclusive: Original T-800 Stuntman ‘Squamish Councillor Peter Kent’ Interested in Terminator Return

Peter Kent Terminator 2 Stuntman

Hardcore fans will know that Peter Kent was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800 Stunt Man in the first two Terminator movies (and longterm stuntman on the majority of Arnold’s biggest blockbuster movies) and some fans have been hopeful of his return.   To bring more believability to the stunts Peter would also sit in the make-up… » » »

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