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Our Casting Choice For General John Connor in Terminator 6

It is no secret that we want the next Terminator movie to be a sequel to Terminator 2: Judgment Day; something we have been vocal about for a while now. Some time ago we began developing ideas for a Terminator 5 movie that we wanted to see and then subsequently- when Terminator Genisys failed… » » »


Scoop: New GameCo Terminator 2 Game is Really a Terminator Genisys Game?

Well, even though we have had positive news about Terminator 2 3D (the movie) we are now met with concerns for the gaming side of the license. On gaining a closer look at the cabinet for the first of three new T2 gambling video game machines; we were somewhat taken aback to see elements… » » »


Terminator Genisys Guardian 1 Oz. Silver Proof Round

Stardust Silver has revealed via their official website a new Terminator Genisys collectible. The Officially Licensed & Limited Edition Terminator Genisys Guardian 1 Oz. Silver Proof will be released in late January 2017 ! Here is an additional exclusive image of the design for our users. Even if you didn’t love Terminator Genisys this… » » »


Linda Hamilton Wins Best Supporting Actress Award

Linda Hamilton has recently stated in press interview for Pilot ‘Shoot Me Nicely’ that she would love to work every day doing what she loves… acting! Linda has recently been addressing the issue of type casting and has hinted at that one role (Sarah Connor) has prevented her from being offered more diverse roles… » » »


Extermination Fan Trailer Pitch

Terminator Fan; Bruce Stirling John Knox, AKA BSJK- like most hardcore fans (including us) didn’t enjoy the last few installments of Terminator… “I was not pleased with the last few Terminator films,” Knox told the Herald. “But instead of complaining, I did it better.” Knox created a pitch which he wants to be considered… » » »


Terminator 2: 3D China 25th Anniversary Special Exhibition Event

The event itself is simple, we would describe it as a pop-up structure roadshow-style expo event but the question is… is it actually any good? The entrance/outer structure itself is quite impressive mainly due to the gigantic Endoskeleton Arm looming next to the doorway, what Terminator Fan wouldn’t be able to appreciate or resist… » » »


Terminator 2: 3D Will be Restructured and Changed For China

One of our biggest fears and concerns when Terminator 2: 3D was announced was that the movie would be altered for theaters to drive home a permanent PG-13 tone for the franchise; while this might not be the case domestically- it pretty much looks like it will certainly be the case for China’s release… » » »


Terminator 2: 3D Conversion Opts Out Of 2016 China Release for 2017 “Cash In”

Terminator 2 3D was on schedule for an October 2016 release which, without public knowledge, changed to a planned December 2016 release schedule but now that is changing AGAIN to next year. It looks like a lack of confidence in Terminator 2: 3D in being able to battle competition at the box office in China is… » » »


Happy Birthday To Linda Hamilton “The Real Sarah Connor”

She starred in the best two Terminator movies, she turned down Terminator 3 due to a weak script, she has always been open to a return since but has never been (properly) invited to come BACK to the franchise, we all know how it is; women don’t get the fair end of the deal… » » »


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