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Exclusive: Linda Hamilton Originally Intended to be in Terminator 5 and 6

During an upcoming interview with William Wisher (co-writer of The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day); got to ask about the treatments and scripts he had worked on for 5th and 6th movies which annoyingly never came to be… finally we have information straight from the horses mouth… If you worked on another… » » »


Exclusive: Terminator Genisys is a PG-13 Terminator Movie UPDATED

—UPDATE Friday 8th May— We can now reveal that it appears we have confirmation of the age rating. As reported; our source close to the production of Terminator Genisys (as far as we are aware- has been right about all the exclusive stories we have been able to bring you) has been telling us… » » »


Can Jason Clarke Save Terminator: Genisys?

We’ve all been keeping tabs on the latest Terminator movie; Terminator: Genisys, and we all know how much the right casting can make all the difference between a good movie and an okay movie. Jason Clarke is playing the legend John Connor- the savior of mankind and the free world, a role which has… » » »


30 Years of Termination

This was the day back in 1984 when ‘The Terminator’ was unleashed on the public for the first time. The film was made for a budget of roughly 6 million dollars and made lot’s of juicy profit for the studios. However the true success of the movie would come in the form of the… » » »


Orion Pictures is Back!

Orion Pictures has risen from the ashes and on the quiet MGM has revived the company brand. Orion Pictures was responsible for distributing the first Terminator movie (The Terminator) and also distributing the first RoboCop movie. Orion hold a place in many Terminator Fans hearts.   Orion Pictures was originally formed in 1978 and… » » »


Exclusive: Make Terminator: Genisys Rated R

The Age Rating/Classification of the next Terminator movie has been of concern to hardcore fans of the franchise for some time. In an industry ruled by money; allowing a movie to be seen by a wider audience seems more financially viable for studios,- sometimes at the expense of fans who have to witness movies… » » »


Licensing Expo Reveals Final Terminator Reboot Title?

The fifth Terminator movie has had many titles and concepts. The name obviously started with Terminator 5, a hoped for sequel to the beloved franchise. Warner Brothers entered the bidding wars to try and make a sequel to Salvation; they lost the auction and the rights to the highest bidder (Megan Ellison) making sure… » » »


James Cameron Was Asked to Direct and Write the 5th Terminator Movie?

When Megan Ellison bought the rights to make a new Terminator movie she was obviously making gambles and working to create a landmark in cinema history. We have reported that Megan had initially had meetings with Arnold and series creator Jim Cameron about the next Terminator movie but until now we didn’t know that… » » »


Annapurna Terminates Involvement With Terminator: Genesis

To us Terminator: Genesis sounds like a lame excuse for a Terminator movie; no-one likes a reboot but that’s what it is. Annapurna Pics is a name that got us excited due to their production of indie projects but we expressed extreme concerns when Skydance Productions got involved- due to their polar opposite range… » » »


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