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Exclusive Interview With Legendary Terminator Writer William Wisher

William Wisher Terminator Writer Interview

We had the chance to speak to the co-writer of The Terminator (inc. Novelization) and Terminator 2: Judgment Day William Wisher. Sit back and enjoy some details of Terminator history that you might not have known before… Which Terminator movie did you enjoy writing on the most and why? T2 of course. Because I… » » »

Exclusive: Linda Hamilton Originally Intended to be in Terminator 5 and 6

Terminator 5 Terminator 6 Linda Hamilton

During an upcoming interview with William Wisher (co-writer of The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day); got to ask about the treatments and scripts he had worked on for 5th and 6th movies which annoyingly never came to be… finally we have information straight from the horses mouth… If you worked on another… » » »

Newt is BACK in Aliens Sequel/Continuation Concept Art For Alien 5

Alien 5 Carrie Henn

Happy Alien Day! It looks like Alien 5 will happen after all but  Ridley Scott wants to do his movie first (Covenant)… It’s hoped that this will make sure Alien 5 has a very long period of pre-production over at 20th Century Fox; to assure the movie is made in accordance with old fashioned… » » »

Exclusive: Terminator 2: Judgment Day Prototype T-800 Action Figure

Prototype Terminator 2 Figure

We have managed to obtain a special image… This is possibly the first ever Terminator figure prototype to feature the likeness of Arnold Schwarzenegger. While getting information on the figure has been difficult; the life of this particular figure began as great marketing on a The Terminator VHS re-release by production company Hemdale. On digging back through our Terminator material,… » » »

Exclusive: No Terminator 6 Movie is Currently in Development

Terminator 6 The Terminator Fans

We  have received news from a source close to the production of Terminator Genisys who contacted with the following information today… There is no new Terminator film being prepped. It doesn’t mean another movie won’t happen, but at the moment there is no pre-production taking place. Maybe a completely new script is being worked on especially… » » »

Gale Anne Hurd Talks About New Terminator Movie Collaboration with James Cameron

Gale Anne Hurd Terminator Movie

We always love to hear Gale Anne Hurd talk about the Terminator property; Gale is one of the true elite, she was there right from the very beginning producing/co-writing The Terminator and believing in it and we as fans are eager for her to be back producing a Terminator movie that fans can actually… » » »

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