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Happy Birthday to William Wisher The Co-Writer of The Terminator and T2

William Wisher

Happy birthday to William Wisher; he wrote with James Cameron on the first two Terminator movies and had cameos in both films. Wisher tried to bring Linda Hamilton back to the Terminator series with two proposed Terminator movies (5 and 6) and for that we wish him many happy returns! We recently interviewed William- you can… » » »

Terminator 2 3D October China Release and New T2 Video Games Announced

T-1000 Terminator 2 3D Release Date

According to a recent interview with Jim Cameron on Tuesday the 17th of May 2016; Terminator 2 3D will be released in China in October, no word on any US release or a specific release date concerning the rest of the world. As we have mentioned previously- China never had a T2 theatrical release but… » » »

Happy Terminator Day

Kyle Reese Arrival

Well, today is the day that SkyNet sent its first cybernetic assassin back through time (that we know of) to 1984 to alter the future and to destroy mankind. A soldier by the name of Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn) arrives in the year 1984, he alone has been sent to protect a woman by… » » »

Exclusive Interview With Legendary Terminator Writer William Wisher

William Wisher Terminator Writer Interview

We had the chance to speak to the co-writer of The Terminator (inc. Novelization) and Terminator 2: Judgment Day William Wisher. Sit back and enjoy some details of Terminator history that you might not have known before… Which Terminator movie did you enjoy writing on the most and why? T2 of course. Because I… » » »

Exclusive: Linda Hamilton Originally Intended to be in Terminator 5 and 6

Terminator 5 Terminator 6 Linda Hamilton

During an upcoming interview with William Wisher (co-writer of The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day); got to ask about the treatments and scripts he had worked on for 5th and 6th movies which annoyingly never came to be… finally we have information straight from the horses mouth… If you worked on another… » » »

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