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Exclusive: Terminator 2: 3D Produced by Lightstorm Entertainment

While we knew that James Cameron would be overseeing the 3D conversion of Terminator 2 3D what now excites us even more is the direct involvement of Jim Cameron’s company Lightstorm Entertainment. Some fans may have been skeptical if his involvement was more a courtesy credit with little involvement from Cameron other than thumbing… » » »


Happy Birthday Todd Voight AKA Xander Berkeley

Todd and Janelle are dicks, but I’ve gotta warn them. Sadly John Connor couldn’t warn his foster parents in time, not that they would have believed him that a liquid metal Terminator sent from the future was any form of a threat to their existence. As we know the T-1000 (Robert Patrick) assumed the… » » »


Terminator 2: 3D China 25th Anniversary Special Exhibition Event

The event itself is simple, we would describe it as a pop-up structure roadshow-style expo event but the question is… is it actually any good? The entrance/outer structure itself is quite impressive mainly due to the gigantic Endoskeleton Arm looming next to the doorway, what Terminator Fan wouldn’t be able to appreciate or resist… » » »


2000 AD Terminator 2: Judgment Day Kenner Advertisement

Terminator 2 is a movie that was marketed very well,- to the point that they got away with quite a lot. Yes, Terminator 2 did have money in mind as the dark gritty Terminator franchise would take the first step into commercialism and ultimately T2: Judgment Day and its success would be copied by… » » »


Happy Birthday to The Liquid Metal Messiah Robert Patrick

If you are a hardcore Terminator Fan like us; you will know that ‘The T-1000’ was a one of a kind prototype Terminator and SkyNet’s LAST ditch attempt (known to man) to win the war against the human race after the defense grid was smashed at SkyNet HQ,- SkyNet lost the war but The T-1000 was… » » »


Happy Birthday to The Terminatrix

She bagged the role as the first ever female Terminator seen on the big screen; Kristanna Loken assumed the role of the T-X… also known as The Terminatrix. For the T-X performance Loken herself said her inspiration and point of reference was Robert Patrick’s performance as ‘The T-1000’ in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. The T-X could… » » »


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