Terminator Genisys Help Spot Trailer


Recently a new TV spot for Terminator Genisys was released,- a Trailer for  is still planned for April/May at the latest. In this latest trailer we are introduced to Detective O’Brien played by J.K. Simmons. The TV spot acts like a mini version of the other trailers; adding in some Oscar winning ingredients (J.K…. » » »

Robert Patrick ‘Deadly T-1000 Stare’ on Conan

T-1000 Stare Robert Patrick

Seeing Robert Patrick kicking ass as the T-1000 is one thing, but seeing the man behind the character is another. Patrick has a demeanor which has made it easy for him to find roles where he is kicking butt. When he was on Conan not that long ago, he was the man behind the… » » »

NECA Confirm T2 Ultimate Sarah Connor and Ultimate T-1000 Figures

NECA Ultimate Sarah Connor Figure

We Exclusively reported yesterday that NECA would be doing a new Ultimate T-1000 Figure but this new bit of news is even more exciting… they’re also making an Ultimate Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton). This is a company first for NECA. Our initial source of the Ultimate T-1000 (Robert Patrick) figure @GeneralSod found a new… » » »

Funko Terminator 2: Judgment Day ReAction Figures

Funko ReAction T2 Figures

New ReAction figures are coming for the second movie in the Terminator franchise. The figures will be released in June; a month before the release of Terminator Genisys this year. ToyArk.com managed to get this image at a recent Toy Fair… What will be extremely popular are the (Linda Hamilton) Sarah Connor figures, we… » » »

The Art and Making of Terminator Genisys Book

T-800 Battle Damage Make-Up Test

As we all know, the new Terminator movie is coming out soon which means there will be different merchandise for the movie. One of the things coming out will be a book about the Art and Making of Terminator Genisys. Product Details: Hardcover: 160 pages Publisher: Insight Editions (June 30, 2015) Language: English ISBN-10:… » » »

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