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James Cameron to Oversee Terminator 6 with Deadpool Director Tim Miller

Well, David Ellison (Skydance Productions) had something planned and this just might be worth forgiving Skydance Productions; for our least favorite (not favorite at all) Terminator movie Terminator Genisys. It appears Terminator Rights owner David Ellison might be starting to listen to our demands for a R Rated Terminator 2 Sequel/Requel (ignoring T3: ROTM… » » »


Exclusive: Terminator 2: 3D Produced by Lightstorm Entertainment

While we knew that James Cameron would be overseeing the 3D conversion of Terminator 2 3D what now excites us even more is the direct involvement of Jim Cameron’s company Lightstorm Entertainment. Some fans may have been skeptical if his involvement was more a courtesy credit with little involvement from Cameron other than thumbing… » » »


Exclusive: Michael Biehn as TERMINATOR Kyle Reese Debunked

A Terminator Fan by the name of John Smith made us aware of a unique image of Michael Biehn (the one and only Kyle Reese) in what is claimed by Orion Pictures to be Michael Biehn as TERMINATOR. Now, all kinds of thoughts started to race through our minds ranging from possible deleted scenes for… » » »


Terminator Genisys Guardian 1 Oz. Silver Proof Round

Stardust Silver has revealed via their official website a new Terminator Genisys collectible. The Officially Licensed & Limited Edition Terminator Genisys Guardian 1 Oz. Silver Proof will be released in late January 2017 ! Here is an additional exclusive image of the design for our users. Even if you didn’t love Terminator Genisys this… » » »


Linda Hamilton Wins Best Supporting Actress Award

Linda Hamilton has recently stated in press interview for Pilot ‘Shoot Me Nicely’ that she would love to work every day doing what she loves… acting! Linda has recently been addressing the issue of type casting and has hinted at that one role (Sarah Connor) has prevented her from being offered more diverse roles… » » »


The Terminator: The Official Board Game Hires William Wisher As Story Consultant

THE TERMINATOR is BACK but this time also bringing T1 and T2 writer William Wisher back to consult on a story that adheres to the rules of the first (and what we consider the best Terminator movie!) The Terminator really is TERMINATOR in its purest and most undiluted form; free from commercialism and cash… » » »


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