Exclusive: Terminator Genisys Test Screening

Terminator Genisys Sarah Connor

A source close to the production of Terminator Genisys has informed TheTerminatorFans.com that a test screening of Terminator Genisys was carried out in the second half of January 2015 in Arizona US bordering New Mexico at the Harkins Arrowhead theater. Some of the people who attended were VERY impressed with what they saw. This… » » »

Exclusive: Leaked Terminator Genisys Script Review and Arnold Genisys Sequel Cliffhanger

Terminator Genisys Script

This story is as spoiler free as possible! Yesterday we received a copy of what is claimed to be the Terminator Genisys (script). I read it all in one go. What can I tell you… do I think this script is real? Yes! But it could be an early draft. It feels legitimate as… » » »

NECA Confirm T2 Ultimate Sarah Connor and Ultimate T-1000 Figures

NECA Ultimate Sarah Connor Figure

We Exclusively reported yesterday that NECA would be doing a new Ultimate T-1000 Figure but this new bit of news is even more exciting… they’re also making an Ultimate Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton). This is a company first for NECA. Our initial source of the Ultimate T-1000 (Robert Patrick) figure @GeneralSod found a new… » » »

Funko Terminator 2: Judgment Day ReAction Figures

Funko ReAction T2 Figures

New ReAction figures are coming for the second movie in the Terminator franchise. The figures will be released in June; a month before the release of Terminator Genisys this year. ToyArk.com managed to get this image at a recent Toy Fair… What will be extremely popular are the (Linda Hamilton) Sarah Connor figures, we… » » »

Scoop: Terminator Genisys Official Synopsis and Exclusive the ‘Guardian’ Report Confirmed

Alan Taylor David Ellison

First of all- we are happy now to reveal to our followers the official plot synopsis for the movie which reduces confusion as to what this movie is about. Another source close to the production of Terminator Genisys also confirmed/told TheTerminatorFans.com that Arnold’s Aged-Terminator character is listed in the script as the ‘Guardian’. We… » » »

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