Exclusive: David Woodruff on Alien 5 Hicks Revival, R-Rated Terminator Movie, AVP3 and More

Alien 5 Hicks

While working on the movie Chappie; Neill Blomkamp had some ideas about what movie he wanted to make next when he had breaks from shooting,- something close to his heart as a filmmaker and as a fan is… the Alien franchise. He released numerous art concepts which instantly trended on the internet and brought… » » »

The Terminator Limited Edition Mask and T-Shirt by Fright Rags Review

Fright Rags Mask T-800 Limited Edition

Limited to only 1000 pieces in the world; the Fright Rags The Terminator Mask and T-Shirt is a treat for any fan of the first (and in our opinion best) Terminator movie. Here is a product that not only brings nostalgia, but is crafted to give that 80s feel and the packaging looks like… » » »

How Alien 5 Could Repair the Damage Caused by Alien 3 – Hicks Revival

Hicks Revival Alien 3 and 5 Sub Plot

We may be a Terminator fan site but Alien 3 is very important to look at in understanding why our favorite movie franchises have gone down the pan. It’s important, as fans, that we educate ourselves in how Hollywood deals with sequels and conceives these projects; this article was constructed with this in mind,… » » »

Michael Biehn Alien 5 Hicks Revival Terminated by Studio?

Alien 5 Ripley Hicks

The demand for the return of Sigourney Weaver in an Alien movie is growing. Alien 3 had a troubled shoot and ultimately made fans angry by killing off Newt and Hicks (Biehn). Michael Biehn also played Kyle Reese from the first two Terminator movies; The Terminator (1984) and Terminator 2 Judgment Day (Extended Cut… » » »

80s Terminator TV Show That Could Have Happened!

The Terminator 80s TV Show

Apparently there was interest to make a Detective TV show featuring Lance Henriksen and Paul Winfield after their chemistry on screen in 1984’s ‘The Terminator’. Sadly the idea was a comedy cop show and would they have even played the same cops..? Probably not. Lance Henriksen: “I remember they wanted to do like a… » » »

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