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Fright Rags Reveal The Terminator Limited Edition Mask and T-Shirt Designs

Fright Rags Terminator Mask T-Shirt

Fright Rags has now released their ‘The Terminator’ line of products. As recently reported Fright Rags will release a Box Set featuring a Mask with Light Up Eyes and a Limited Edition T-Shirt. They also have 3 additional T-Shirt designs. The following products are officially licensed. The items will be available for pre-order on… » » »

Slash Up – SARAH CONNOR vs. JASON VOORHEES (Episode 1)


Slash/Up is here and things are about to get bloody in a battle between Sarah Connor and Jason Vorhees. Again this just reassures us that the Terminator franchise should not stoop to the low of PG-13… Overall the episode was well produced, effects-wise we can’t fault it; it really did ooze the 80s slasher… » » »

The Terminator Limited Edition Mask and T-Shirt by Fright Rags

Fright Rags The Terminator Mask and T-Shirt

Fright Rags will be releasing a The Terminator: Limited Edition Mask and T-Shirt. The T-Shirt design is expected to be released in the next couple of weeks. The Mask is the Endoskeleton Skull and it will have light up eyes. There will be a box set (pictured below) – but also three other T-Shirt… » » »

TFW 2014: 30 Years of The Terminator

Texas Frightmare Weekend

This year has seen numerous events and celebrations of the 30th Anniversary of the Terminator franchise. Texas Frightmare Weekend 2014 held great opportunity in allowing fans to meet their favorite terminator stars and listen them talk about working on the movies. The event took place from May 2nd to 4th in Dallas. A great… » » »

Amazing Live Terminator Auctions on

Prop Store Terminator Auction

Any respectable collector will have come across and will have marveled at many of the props and rare items that are available; attached to big movies. They basically allow you to own a piece of movie history but it does sometimes come at a hefty price, although they do offer smaller props/items which… » » »

Chiller Terminator Reunion 2014


The 30th Anniversary celebrations continue… How do you fancy meeting and having photos taken with your favorite Terminator cast members? October of this year provides an opportunity for some of our Terminator stars to get together again. From October 24-26 the Sheraton Parsippany Hotel in New Jersey will be host to a Chiller event… » » »

Slash Up – Jason Voorhees Vs. Sarah Connor – Teaser

Slash Up - Jason Voorhees vs. Sarah Connor

Ready to see some iconic characters go head to head in Vs mode? Slash/Up is coming and the first battle will commence with Sarah Connor trying to take out Jason Voorhees. Will she be able to survive this battle and make Jason go back to hell? Synopsis: “Slash/Up” is a multiverse fanfilm web-series from the… » » »

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